Statistical Glossary

RR (Rickey Runs)- any run scored by Rickey Henderson or in a Rickey manner.  The most common formula for RR is R+SB+BUNT/130.

WaRI (Wins above Raul Ibanez) – see here.

LMF (Lastings Milledge Fact)- any completely true statement found at Milledge Facts.

BH (Blown Hold)- introduced in order to quantify what Scott Schoenweis does

HR* (Home Run*)- similar to a normal home run, but hit by Barry Bonds

GB% (GyroBall %, formerly Ground Ball Rate)- the percentage of pitches thrown by Dice-K that gyrate (see also GB/9)


One response to “Statistical Glossary

  1. El Tri

    PWins (formerly Projected Wins as per the Pythagorean Formula)- The number of baseball experts that pick the Phillies to win the NL East per year.

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